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Gas - high quality gas cylinders

Bullfinch gas (propane gas and propylene-Hi-PRO) is supplied in robust small cylinders and is primarily used to provide fuel for cylinder mounted torches such as the FirePower, and Performer ranges and can also be used with many other makes of these torches which have a CGA600 connection - 1in x 20 UNEF. (Propylene is a replacement for MAPP™ gas and MAP//Pro™ and Hi-pro is equivalent to map/pro)

These cylinders conform to European Standard EN12205 as they have to by law. The requirements of this standard is that the cylinders have a valve which prevents dangerous refilling, and meets other safety requirements.

Propane gas (1644) can also be used with Airsoft games guns.

Below you can buy in packs of 2 and packs of 6.

This is the connection for all cylinders - 1in x 20UNEF.   bge1694top2      bge1694top1

Contact us for pricing in bulk (packed in 12s). We can give very competitive prices.

bge1694 new

400g Hi-Pro gas cylinder PACK OF 2

(exc VAT)£24.00


bge1694 new4

400g Hi-Pro gas cylinder PACK OF 6

(exc VAT)£48.00


bge1644 new5

400g Propane cylinder PACK OF 2

(exc VAT)£20.00


bge1644 new

400g Propane cylinder PACK OF 6

(exc VAT)£42.00



FirePower torch kit with Hi-Pro gas

(exc VAT)£59.69



FirePower torch kit with propane

(exc VAT)£57.63



Valve extraction tool

(exc VAT)


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