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Portable Heaters

Portable HeatersHelp to reduce your Carbon Footprint and your costs. You only use the heat when and where you need it.

We offer a great range of portable heaters.

Check out the following:

  • Spaceheaters
  • Cabinet Heaters
  • Master fan assisted heaters
  • Gemini Radiant heaters
  • The Superglow Radiant heaters
  • Electric heaters
  • Marquee heaters which can be used for a wide variety of situations in addition to marquees!

Bullfinch specialises in Portable power - heat and light where and when you want it.

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Check out our Marquee Heaters

Marquee HeatersThese high performance heaters are excellent for heating marquees, and many other building spaces.

Servicing and spares.

Now is the time to check out your marquee heaters so that they operate OK. We offer an excellent repair facility at our works and stock spare parts.

We have a good stock of new heaters and accessories for marquees, workshops, leisure centres, and many other situations.

Natural gas versions now available too - contact us for more information


Outdoor Utility Points

Outdoor Utility Points'Alfresco' Outdoor utility points

Thousands already fitted!! Thousands of satisfied owners!

GREAT Family of Points


  • Electric outlet point with IP55 waterproof protection
  • Satellite/TV/12V outlet point with IP55 waterproof protection
  • Water inlet point
  • The new Electric outlet point is being introduced to complement the Gas (BBQ) point, and External shower point for caravans, motorhomes, boats and relocatable vehicles and permanent domestic and commercial properties.

See movie of how to install


Olympic Torch and Event Burners

London 2012 Olympics


Bullfinch were privileged to have been awarded the contact to design and manufacture the burners for the Olympic Torch, Paralympic Torch and the Mini Cauldrons used at the torch relay events each evening.

They take advantage of our expertise in Flame Technology and good production systems which we have developed over the years.


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Sculpture Using Brazing Torch

The Scottish sculptor Sue White-Oakes has been using Bullfinch equipment (including the Autotorch Brazing System) for nearly 20 years in her innovative and beautiful work in copper.

She was recently described as possibly the finest worker in metal outside Japan, and examination of her figurative sculptures shows why. Her work covers insects, crustaceans, fish, birds and mammals. It is applique sculpture, in which carefully crafted pieces of copper sheet are fitted together by brazing and soldering. Heat is needed to anneal the copper to make it malleable, to braze and solder, and to colour the final sculpture. For each of these operations, precise control over the heat source is required.

The flexibility afforded by copper is shown in these two recent pieces: a Tawny Owl (60cm) and a Weaver Ant (30cm).

Courtesy of Sue White-Oakes 2009

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