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Nearly all gas burning appliances require a regulator which reduces and controls the pressure from a cylinder of gas.

Most domestic appliances run at 'low pressure' which is between 28 and 37 mbar. Blowtorches and many industrial appliances run at high pressure - typically 1-2 bar (15-30 psi). In choosing a regulator you need to consider 3 things:

  • which gas is being used - propane or butane
  • what pressure is required for the appliance - this would then the the required outlet pressure for the regulator
  • what is the flow of gas required by the appliance - you then need to ensure that the capacity of the regulator is high enough to supply this

Technical Data - High Pressure Regulators

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Gas Supply Information - Low Pressure Appliances

Low pressure appliances - Type I3+ - requirements for gas supply

Where type I3+ low pressure appliances are referred to (butane at 28/29mbar or propane at 37 mbar), the following hoses, clips and regulators are suitable:

  • Regulator
    • No. 7026 for a butane cylinder with a 20mm clip on connection - 28 mbar or
    • No. 7027 for a butane cylinder with a 21mm clip on connection - 28 mbar or
    • No. 330 for a propane cylinder with a POL connection - 37 mbar or
    • No. 7069 for a propane cylinder with a 27mm clip on connection - 37 mbar (eg Calor Patio Gas, or Flogas Leisure Propane Gas)
  • Hose
    • No. 1314 or No.1319 - Hose - we would suggest at least 3m of 8mm bore hose
  • Hose Clips
    • No. 1306 Hose clips - 2 off

      These products can also generally be used off a I3B/P supply which is propane or butane at 30mbar pressure. This is the supply in new caravans and in some other environments and means that they can be used from a Gas/Barbecue point - our No. 6087/01.

      Always check the manufacturers' instructions before using any appliance.

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