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MH25 Classic Forced Air Heater


For commercial and industrial premises - particularly for Marquees, and Events and other temporary structures. We now have stock of these. Uses propane gas. Fan only option for cooling.

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  • high quality, safe and reliable heater
  • 25kW input rating  but can be turned down for comfort and economy
  • this heater can also be used for warehouses, factories, leisure areas etc
  • clean burning
  • quick warm up - no cool down cycle
  • turn down control
  • fan only option fior cooling
  • requires 1 x 47 kg or 2 x 19 kg propane cylinders
  • if using piped supply this need to be at 1 bar pressure
  • very efficient heating of the space by directing downwards at the optimum temperature.
  • no fuel spillage
  • easy to set up
  • easy to operate
  • automatic spark ignition system
  • remote thermostat included
  • self diagnostic control
  • certified to CE standard
  • safe and efficient source of heat
  • good for marquee hire 

Electric supply - the supply must have a good earth and for the flame sensor to work it is necessary to have a supply where the earth and neutral are the same. On a generator it may be necessary to bond the earth and neutral. Check that there is an earth wire on extension leads etc.

Heater Manual - click here

bge 2510 working

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2510 extended arms


2510 inside

2510 with 2211 2212

Intended use

For commercial and industrial premises - particularly for Marquees and other temporary structures. We recommend it is placed outdoors for marquees and the hot air ducted in using proprietary ducts and diffusers. It comes ready to use and no assembly is required. You will need to provide a 47 kg cylinder or 2 x 19kg cylinders of propane gas and a standard 3 pin plug top @ 230 volt electric supply. We recommend it is used in conjunction with Ducting 2211 and Duct Diffuser 2212.


The Heater has been ruggedly constructed of steel with a hard durable and attractive white enamel finish. The burner is a one-piece casting to our design and been used very successfully used on the Bullfinch Industrial Spaceheater for over 30 years. It is very efficient and produces a clean burning flame. The outer case has been vented and louvered to allow the air to flow through the combustion chamber. The burner operates at 1 bar nominally but has the flexibility of being turned down for more comfort and economy. The heater is fitted with wheels and handles for ease of moving.


The Heater has simple to use controls which operate a sophisticated electronic controller which looks after the ignition of the flame, the temperature control and all the safety features. It comes with a room thermostat and electric cable. A selector switch allows the unit to be used in fan only mode for cooling and ventilation in warmer weather.


The unit has been designed to fail safe in any event; it will make 3 attempts to ignite and if no flame is sensed it will lock out. The lock out is designed to ensure there is manual intervention to establish the reason for the flame not being established. The flame sensor uses reliable flame rectification for which a good earth is required. The unit is also fitted with high limit temperature switch on the outlet, an air proving switch (APS), and a door contact on the burner end of the unit to prevent access during use.

  • We only recommend Ducting No 2211 for this heater. It is a maximum of 3m long though it can be shorter. It has a tight helix in the spring, which does not allow excess folds when compressed to restrict the flow. Ideally this also should be kept as straight as possible. Tight kinks or using other non standard ducting  even of the right diameter can cause high limit switch trip outs. 


  • Heat input 25kW @ 1 bar
  • Requires 1 x 47 kg or 2 x 19 kg cylinders
  • Electric supply 230V AC 3.5A
  • External Dimensions: H 460 (mm) X W 830 (mm) X L 565 (mm)
  • Thermostat provided
  • Electric cable with standard 13 amp plug provided
  • Fully CE approved and certificated
  • Manufactured under ISO9001 system

Heater Manual - click here


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