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Beacons, Cauldrons and Flambeaux

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Our latest beacon is the Battle' s Over Beacon to commemmorate the end of the First World War. Details below.

The picture on the right shows the burner of the Beacon made for the 70th Anniversary of VE Day in 2015 and lit by HerMajesty the Queen.

The picture on the far right shows the London 2012 Olympic Torch lighting the Mini Cauldron. 

These beacons, and cauldrons meet the Essential Requirements of the Gas Appliance Directive.

FlameSense Burner Control System No 6295 This sophisticated controller for decorative flames, designed to EN 298, safely and relably ignites and supervises the burner flame so that is can be easily lit and monitored.

Would you like a beacon, flambeau, event torch - a special flame - for that special event?

If you have an event for which you would like a special flame, torch, beacon or cauldron, please contact us.

Click here More details on Beacons and Special Torches

Click here to download Decorative Flames Leaflet



70th Ann VE Day Beacon

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Battle's Over Beacon

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Bowl Beacon

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FlameSense Control System

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Rose Beacon

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Tank Purge Burner

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