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Church Tower Beacon


Church Tower Beacon was originally made for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

A dramatic beacon that is easily installed and is easy to use and creates a great effect.

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  • Burner unit in shape of a diamond
  • 2m stand with a ground anchor and rope for fixing to ground  (where ground anchor cannot be used we would recommend that sandbags (not supplied) be used to drape over the legs)
  • 4m of hose with regulator
  • Lighter on end of a wand (2 off)
  • Spanner
  • Leak detecting fluid
  • Hose assembly and Y manifold to link 2 cylinders (suitable for 2 x 19kg propane cylinders or 2 x 6 kg cylinders)
  • Insructions for use - download here
  • Packaging in a strong carton with fitments approx 1.6m x 0.5m x 0.5m, 11kg weight.
  • You will need to obtain 2 x propane gas cylinders from an LPG stockist - 2 x 19kg for an hour running, 2 x 6kg for half an hour running.

The tripod describes a circle area of about 1.32m diameter and the beacon has an extended height of about 2.15m.

We would recommend a gap of at least 3 metres between the beacon stand and a any building or structure nearby.

The lighting wand contains a small lighter primed with butane lighter fuel. This would be lit just before the lighting of the beacon. We will supply two in case one fails.

The burner and flame are stable in the wind but we would recommend the use of the ground anchor and bolt (supplied) or sandbags (not supplied) (see above)

The beacon would run for at least a hour on 2 x 19kg propane cylinders and for half an hour on two 6 kg cylinders. You will need to obtain these cylinders from an LPG stockist. The weight of a 19kg cylinder with the cylinder is about 39kg and the weight of a 6kg cylinder with the cylinder is about 14kg.

The beacon needs to be supervised by two competent persons at all times when lit.

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