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LP Gas Poker


The fast, reliable way to light barbecues and outdoor fires.

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  • The fast, reliable way to light barbecues and outdoor fires - including hog roasts, coke or charcoal braziers.
  • This LPG poker does this faster and more effectively because it uses LPG at 1 bar pressure.
  • This requires a hose, clips and regulator.
  • We recommend 2.75m of high pressure hose (no.1299), a Tinyreg no. 1041, and 2 clips no.1324 for a propane cylinder - you can buy this as a kit no 609.
  • We recommend a propane cylinder, but it can also be used on butane on a warmer day. Consult your dealer or ring us on advice for a regulator for butane.
  • The blade of the poker beyond the spiral handle is 250mm long and 25mm wide. The total length including the handle is 450mm.
  • Heat input 7.3kW on propane, 8.1 kW on butane at 1 bar pressure.
  • Must be used in a well ventilated area.

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