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New type of Hydrogen Torch from Water

Bullfinch are part of the SafeFlame partnership which has developed this exciting new type of flame technology producing high temperature precision flames from water.


Our techically advanced Electrolysers give two separate streams of hydrogen and oxygen gases to make an impressive flame for brazing, soldering, jewellery work, bead making etc. The two streams mean that the torch is much safer because the gases only mix at the tip and so there is no danger of the gases mixing in the lines and no need for flashback arrestors. This is different from HHO burners where the gases are mixed in the system which give less effective flames and require more safety devices.

Our specially designed superb hydrogen torches and burners give hot precision flames. They are hydrogen gas burners being fed with hydrogen and oxygen from the electrolysis of water. The gases are kept separate until the tip of the burner which makes the system much safer and produces much more effective flames.

  • Smaller flames ideal for schools and colleges for educational purposes and for technical departments.
  • Larger flames for commercial and industrial applications - brazing and silver soldering particualrly suitable.

             safeflame micro

  • Environmentally better.
  • Much safer - no light back - no need for flash back arrestors. No compressed gases.
  • Superbly controllable flame with good wrap round.
  • Gas always on hand - all you need is water and electricity. No need to transport and rent cylinders.
  • Wide range of burners, flames and electrolysers available to meet your needs
  • These units require de-ionised water to be added.
  • For example the 1 litre unit has 1.5 litre tank and consumes approx 60ml per hr. and so can run for approximately 16 hours from 1 litre of water.
  • Demonstrations can be arranged at either our offices in Birmingham or SafeFlame head office in Frome Somerset, strictly by prior arrangment only.

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