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Commercial and Industrial             bge 1400 lit

General portable heating for a wide variety of needs for building sites, road works, outbuildings, railways, public utilities, farms, emergencies and general use.

Superb Spaceheater No 1400/02 is particularly good for drying out buildings - very clean burning and great for heating and drying out - very rapid and even distribution of heat. Excellent at giving all round heat for drying out, heating warehouses, barns, factory spaces etc. Robust construction for a long life.


Industrial Spaceheater

(exc VAT)£325.00



Industrial Spaceheater with hose and regulator

(exc VAT)£249.00


Technical Data - Industrial Heating

Technical Data - Industrial Heating

Technical Information - Industrial Heating

Gas supply for Industrial heating

All these appliances require a cylinder of gas, hose, hose clips and a regulator. All appliances should be used with 4.8mm high pressure hose (No. 1299) apart from No. 1380 which can be used with 8mm low pressure tubing (No. 1314) or 8mm high pressure hose (No. 1319). Suitable hose clips must also be used.

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