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Master Propane Gas Fan Assisted Heaters 



Master Heaters - The most popular items are shown - contact us for details of other heaters.

Ideal for workshops, factories, farms, horticulture etc.

  • robust construction
  • long life
  • clean burning (low emissions)
  • portable - easy to move
  • complete and ready to use
  • electric cable included (plug required on some)
  • air circulating only facility included
  • certified to CE standard
  • safe and efficient source of heat
  • easy to maintain

How to choose your heater

Technical data: Master blp propane gas heaters

BLP Propane Gas Heaters

Technical Information - Master heaters

Gas heaters (BLP11, BLP17, BLP33, BLP53, BLP73, BLP103)

These high quality heaters, provide safe, reliable heat.
They are fully approved and tested to European standards.

They come complete with hose and regulator for the standard 5/8in BSP POL fitting on most propane cylinders.

These gas heaters have an electrical lead provided. The BLP11 and BLP17 are for 240V and have a three pin plug attached. For the BLP33, BLP53 and BLP73 - you need to provide a plug for 230V or 110V supply - these are dual voltage heaters - you will need to select which you require.

All you need to provide is:

  • an electrical supply (and electric plug for the MP heaters and larger REM heaters)
  • a cylinder(s) of propane

At least one 47kg cylinder is required for the heaters, and for continuous use for larger heaters on colder days it would be better to provide two cylinders joined by an extra pigtail (Bullfinch 1494) and Y manifold (Bullfinch 1506).

You get a long heating time between refuelling by linking cylinders together.


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