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Heaters for Marquees +

Our New Marquee/Event heater is now available

It is ideal for marquees, and events but has wide applications for heating buildings, workshops, leisure areas and temporary buildings and structures.

Very clean burning, safe and thermostatically controlled.bge 2510 working

Very efficient heating of the space by directing downwards at the optimum temperature. Reduces heat loss by reducing the hot air rising to the ceiling

We also offer servicing and spares availability - see below

More info and technical advice - see below:

If you have problems check out the following

  • - the electric supply is clean and has a good earth
  • - the heat stat is ok or reset
  • - the thermostat is set to a suitable temperature.
  • - the electrical connections inside and out are sound (a competent person should check). 

We still offer spares for the LB White Heaters - please contact Infraglo for servicing of LB White Heaters.


MH25 Classic Forced Air Heater

(exc VAT)



Pigtail - 500mm

(exc VAT)£17.06



Pigtail - 750mm

(exc VAT)£17.63



Y Manifold

(exc VAT)£15.13


Servicing and Spares

We run a comprehensive information, servicing and spares facility at our works.

You will need to get the heaters or accessories transported to our Birmingham Works and we will carry out the service and send them back to you.

In busy periods like the autumn there may well be a wait before we can take the heaters and it could then take a few days to do the work.

Contact us for more information and to book your heaters in.

Technical Information - Mqee Htrs (How Many?)

These high quality heaters, provide safe, reliable heat.
They are fully approved and tested to European standards.
They come complete with hose and regulator for the standard 5/8in BSP POL fitting on most propane cylinders.

Also provided are an electrical lead and plug for a standard 13 amp domestic 220/240v socket, together with a remote thermostat.

All you need to provide is:

  • a 13 amp 240v electrical supply,
  • a cylinder(s) of propane.

At least one 47kg cylinder is required for the heaters, and for longercontinuous use it would be better to provide two cylinders joined by a Pigtail - 500mm long (Bullfinch 1494) and Y manifold (Bullfinch 1506).

Long heating time between refuelling by linking cylinders together.

A guide is shown below to help you decide how many heaters you require for your marquee. A more comprehensive guide is available on request.


The following is a guide for the number of heaters required for a 20 deg C temperature rise in a 4m high marquee (approx figures as a guide only - on warmer days you will not need so many heaters):

100 sq m (1000 sq ft) - 1 x 2510
250 sq m (2500 sq ft) - 2 x 2510
400 sq m (4000 sq ft) - 4 x 2510
500 sq m (5000 sq ft) - 5 x 2510

Heater Features - Marquee Heaters

Heaters for MarqueesThese heaters are ideal for heating marquees, workshops, factories, leisure areas, function rooms etc. They have the following features:

  • Clean burning
  • Quick warm up - no cool down
  • Cycle
  • No fuel spillage
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic spark ignition system
  • Remote thermostat included
  • Self diagnostic control
  • Certified to CE standard
  • Air circulating only facility included
  • Safe and efficient source of heat

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