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Premier 170 Marquee Heater


No longer available in UK and Europe. Our own marquee heater will be available in the next few months. Spares and servicing still available.

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High quality, safe and reliable heater from LB White
This heater can also be used for warehouses, factories, leisure areas etc.

  • clean burning
  • quick warm up - no cool down cycle
  • very efficient heating of the space by directing downwards at the optimum temperature.
  • no fuel spillage
  • easy to set up
  • easy to operate
  • automatic spark ignition system
  • remote thermostat included
  • self diagnostic control
  • certified to CE standard
  • air circulating only facility included
  • safe and efficient source of heat

53kW (170000Btu/h) input rating
70-75 dB low noise level

For further technical specification, see Technical details and Technical information in the introduction to this section.

  • We only recommend Ducting No 2211 for this heater. It is a maximum of 3m long though it can be shorter. It has a tight helix in the spring, which does not allow excess folds when compressed to restrict the flow. Ideally this also should be kept as straight as possible. Tight kinks or using other non standard ducting  even of the right diameter can cause high limit switch trip outs. 

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