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Radiant & Cabinet

Highly efficient, clean burning, radiant heaters for LPG with variable heat control giving up to 40% turn down.

Safe, instant, economical heat to BS EN 461.


Catalytic cabinet heater

(exc VAT)£65.00



Gemini trolley heater

(exc VAT)£299.00



Heater Guard

(exc VAT)£28.00


Technical Information - Radiant Heaters

Gas supply for radiant heaters

The 1200HL and 2200 heaters are ready for use and are fitted with 2m of 8mm bore high pressure hose to BS.3212/2 (Bullfinch No.1319) and with a low pressure regulator for propane with an output of 37mbar (Bullfinch No. 330). The regulator can be fitted to any standard propane cylinder with a 5/8in BSP - LH POL female outlet. We recommend high pressure hose since it will withstand wear much better than low pressure tubing.

The REM440CR and SC85 cabinet heaters are ready for use and are fitted with 0.5m of 8mm high pressure hose to BS.3212/2 (Bullfinch No.1319). In addition these heaters will need a suitable low pressure regulator for butane with an output of 28mbar and suitable hose clips. Consult your dealer for advice on the correct regulator.

The DTRD4200 wall mounted heater requires a metal piped propane supply at a pressure of 37mbar - contact a heating installer on the best way of providing this.

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