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Hose Fittings

Hose & Fittings

This section shows our range of hose and fittings.

It is important that the hose is of high quality and designed for LPG. Our range of fittings are designed to high quality and to make it easier to connect appliances to the gas supply.

Copper tube - we no longer supply copper tube. Please ring 0121 765 2000 if you would like us to recommend a supplier.


Our hose is made in accordance with BS3212/2.

Storage - see BS ISO 2230. Hose generally has a shelf life of 7 years as long as it is stored at reasonable temperatures in dry conditions away from direct sunlight. This life can be extended by another 3 years if it is examined and tested and proved to be in good condition.

Service life - From the date the hose is first used we would recommend it is replaced after a further 5 years and that it is examined regularly for signs of cracks or wear or gas leakage and is replaced if it is not in good condition. Generally discolouration due to sunlight is not harmful as long as there are no signs of cracking.

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