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Combo Multi-Valve tank fitting for aerosol propellant


Combo Multi-Valve tank fitting for aerosol propellant

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This version is designed for aerosol propellants and has a left handed ACME thread.

A ball valve makes for ease of use and higher capacity in liquid filling.

Fits onto bulk LPG tanks to combine:

  • liquid fill (1.3/4in Left Hand ACME) with shut off ball valve
  • vapour offtake (.885in POL)
  • liquid offtake
  • fixed liquid level gauge.

Vessel connection 1.1/2in NPT

The Combo Valve number 6078 meets the requirements of the UK Pressure Equipment Regulations No. 2001 – 1999, Amended No 399 - 2015 and the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

The valve has been manufactured and tested using sound engineering practice in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 13175 – 2014.

The valve is suitable for reconditioning; this should only be carried out by a company approved by Bullfinch (Gas Equipment) Limited.

Eduction and Dip tubes available for variable vessel sizes.

Average liquid fill rate 130l/min.
Average liquid empty rate 62.5 l/min
Average vapour flow rate 21m3/hour

On liquid filling it is important to ensure that liquid is not left trapped between the shut off ball valve and the back pressure check valve. Therefore the valve on the filler hose should be turned off before the shut off ball valve on the Combo valve. This ensures that the liquid in the Combo valve drains into the tank. Otherwise the liquid pressure can build up and become too high especially in hot weather. Always replace the liquid fill connection cap tightly and lock the cover over the valves after filling has been completed.

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