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Extra regulators

Extra regulators and changeover valve

Here is a range of good quality regulators for high pressure (more than 0.5 bar - 7 psi), and low pressure (28 mbar to 37 mbar), and also a changeover valve.

If there is not a regulator here for your needs please contact us.

Please note that Flashback arrestors are not needed when propane is used on its own. This is true for Bullfinch propane gas burning appliances. Flashback arrestors are required for oxy-propane and oxy-acetylene systems and for the Bullfinch Autotorch for acetylene.

Low pressure appliances

Traditionally most low pressure appliances in UK operate at 28/29 mbar with butane and 37 mbar with propane. This is category I3+. General portable appliances like patio heaters, barbecues, boiling rings, hotplates will operate off either supply but care needs to be taken to read the instructions as there may be some variation in this.

New caravans and some other environments now have to be supplied with special regulators that are rated at 30mbar whether propane or butane is used. This is category I3B/P. Built in appliances will be made for this pressure and they may not work satisfactorily on a I3+ supply. Portable appliances will generally work satisfactorily off this supply for example using our Gas/barbecue point no. 6087/01.

Gas Supply Information - Low Pressure Appliances

Low pressure appliances - Type I3+ - requirements for gas supply

Where type I3+ low pressure appliances are referred to (butane at 28/29mbar or propane at 37 mbar), the following hoses, clips and regulators are suitable:

  • Regulator
    • No. 7026 for a butane cylinder with a 20mm clip on connection - 28 mbar or
    • No. 7027 for a butane cylinder with a 21mm clip on connection - 28 mbar or
    • No. 330 for a propane cylinder with a POL connection - 37 mbar or
    • No. 7069 for a propane cylinder with a 27mm clip on connection - 37 mbar (eg Calor Patio Gas, or Flogas Leisure Propane Gas)
  • Hose
    • No. 1314 or No.1319 - Hose - we would suggest at least 3m of 8mm bore hose
  • Hose Clips
    • No. 1306 Hose clips - 2 off

      These products can also generally be used off a I3B/P supply which is propane or butane at 30mbar pressure. This is the supply in new caravans and in some other environments and means that they can be used from a Gas/Barbecue point - our No. 6087/01.

      Always check the manufacturers' instructions before using any appliance.

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