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Bullfinch in recent years have designed and supplied decorative flames and burners for various events including the Olympic Torch and Beacons for the Queen's 90th Birthday. These beacons are still available for other events. The Bowl beacon may be the most suitable.

These give bright highly stable flames for that special occasion.

We also make Heaters specially designed for Marquees and Events and other structures. You can see the Heater below and more details under the Heaters section 

Based on this work we now have a range of decorative flames and torches and designed our own FlameSense electronic control system No 6295 exclusively for this type of work. This sophisticated controller for decorative flames, designed to EN 298, safely and relably ignites and supervises the burner flame so that is can be easily lit and monitored.

Products you may find of interest can been seen below. We can also design and build decorative systems to order working closely with you to meet your requirements.

Important - check your products - products such as beacons and torches which are not always used regularly should be checked by competent people before use for no leaks and proper operation. There is some advice on this on in the Safety and Technical Section at the top of the page.

Click here for More details on Beacons and Event Torches

Click here to download Decorative Flames Leaflet

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